Fri-DIY: Foaming Hand Soap

We’re just going to go on a DIY journey for a while here, how does that sound? I hope you like this idea as much as I do!

I’ve been making my own foaming hand soap ever since I got started with Young Living essential oils, so around 10 months.. Wow! Almost an entire year! (I had no idea until I started writing this post, haha)

Anyway, making your own foaming hand soap is extremely simple. And when you use Thieves essential oil, or Thieves cleaner, from Young Living, you’re giving yourself and anyone else who uses your soap, a powerful boost to your immune system!

2-3 Tb castille soap

1/2 tsp vegetable glycerin (for smoothness on hands)

6 drops Thieves essential oil (or 1 tsp Thieves cleaner)


All you have to do is combine the soap, veggie glycerin, essential oils, and then fill with water! Make sure to leave yourself enough room to add the lid back on there or else you might end up with a soapy mess! Then just shake it around a little bit and you’re good to go! :)


Now, you can also add in other essential oils if you would like, my family and I tend to prefer the Thieves soap for the wholesome immune system benefits, but you might have another preference! You can also vary how many drops of the oil, or how much cleaner you put in your container, up to how much you feel you need – this is merely a starting point for you! Keep in mind that if you use any citrus oils, you must use a glass container. If you use plastic, you may end up with a hole in your bottle eventually, and nobody wants all their soap to go missing.. On the counter..

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this recipe when you decide to try it out! It’s super easy, super quick, and super great! :)


Fri-DIY: Makeup Remover

Okay friends! I’m starting a series!

I realized that I make a lot of things myself, and when I sat down to write a blog post, I decided it might be great to share my recipes with all of you! How does that sound? Every Friday, I am planning on sharing a DIY project of some sort that I have made – and I would love to get more ideas from you guys, too!

So, I don’t wear all that much makeup, but when I do, I don’t want it staying on longer than it should.. Like, I want that gunk off my face (especially if it’s not a clean brand)! For the past six months or so, I have been making my own makeup remover and storing it in a clear glass jar! Y’all, it is SO easy!

What you will need:

1 cup distilled water

1.5 Tb baby shampoo — haven’t found a toxin free option for this yet, still searching

1 Tb melted or fractionated coconut oil

2 drops Lavender essential oil

2 drops Frankincense essential oil

1 drop Purification essential oil

And a glass container!

Simply mix together in the jar you will be using and you are good to go! The reason I chose Lavender, Frankincense, and Purification essential oils from Young Living is for the skin support! You can totally mix and match whichever essential oils you want to use, but these are the ones I have been loving lately :)


I’ve also made my own makeup remover pads using cotton yarn and crocheting a round pad. So, so easy you guys! I can post a tutorial on that if you want me to, but for now, please try out this mix for your own makeup remover! So easy, so cost effective, so good for you, and so DIY!

[If you have any questions about essential oils, what I used, where to get jars, or anything like that, please let me know!]


Hello all,

My wonderful, beautiful, talented mother-in-law has created these beautiful pairs of wool mittens! They are made from sweaters that she’s thrifted, so they are definitely recycled, repurposed, and reused! Not to mention cozy and warm :) Each pair is unique and feature button details! Please visit my Etsy shop here for more details!





5 Simple Ways to Combat Sickness!

The other day I woke up with awful respiratory congestion and sinus pressure. Naturally, all I wanted to do was lounge around, doing nothing, watching Netflix all day. But I knew I had to be a little proactive if I wanted to beat this thing — and quick! I’ve been loving my Young Living Essential Oils, and if you follow me on Instagram or see me on FaceBook at all, you may have seen one of my ways to combat this cold, but I have a few more “tricks” I’d like to share with you! Everyone falls subject to coming down with a cold once in a while, but now you can be equipped and empowered to combat it and get yourself back to full health quickly (and without a bunch of medicines and cough syrups with crazy and unknown ingredients) !


#1: Diffuser combo

Rosemary (5), eucalyptus radiata (4), peppermint (4), cypress (3), lemon (2)

The reason I chose this combo was because A) I found it in my handy Essential Oils Pocket Reference (you can find it on Amazon!) and because b)some of the oils I knew were very cleansing and antibacterial. In other words, perfect to help someone recover from any sickness! (Side note: I didn’t have eucalyptus radiata, but I did have eucalyptus globulus which I used instead) The number in parentheses is how many drops to use in your diffuser!


#2: Hot tea infused with oils

Lemon, peppermint, thieves

First of all, I think this tea tastes really amazing. Secondly, it is so good for supporting a healthy system! Just overall, this blend of essential oils is great for keeping us well. You can use one drop of each, just be careful.. They are strong! When I made this, my family said they could smell it all the way across the room and from the kitchen!


#3: Thieves cough drops

Use ‘em! Enough said. Not only are they infused with the amazing power of Thieves essential oil, they also taste amazing and are super soothing on a sore throat.


#4: Another diffuser combo

Purification & R.C.

This is a blend I like to use when I feel something coming on. R.C. is an amazing oil for anything relating to respiratory issues, and purification smells lovely, as well as helps get all the gunk out of the air that we can’t see (aka: germs). For this recipe, I just do however many drops I feel like, but usually about even between the two. Maybe 3-5 drops each, but it’s totally up to your personal preference!!


#5: Get hugs from people you love

Just make sure they are all Thieves’d up too!! ;) You don’t want them getting sick from you! On a very real note, let yourself rest up so your body can work on what it needs to, to get you back to fully healthy and happy!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you use essential oils when you get sick?

Until next time,


It’s here! It’s here!

Yay! Finally! I’ve been wanting to open the shop back up for a while now, but I wanted to make sure I had everything in the right places, where I needed it to be, and was able to focus a little more on my small home-business :) I hope you’re doing well!

I promise, an update post soon, maybe a recipe or two, plus some more of what I’ve been into lately. Any ideas? Anything you want to know? Talk to you soon, friends! Until then, go check out my shop on Etsy!

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Tides and Seasons

As we got stuck in the middle of Kentucky, I realized that “this is it”.

This is the trip that I’ve been longing for, dreaming about, and waiting on.

Honestly, when my husband and I got married (and I moved out to North Carolina), I didn’t realize how difficult it would be for me. Sure, I had lived far away from my family before, but there was always an end time, there was always something to look forward to for when I would be home with them again. With this season in our lives, it was much different.

During this season of “away”, I truly believe my husband and I were able to solidify our relationship and learn to lean on each other and rely on our Father. We were able to work through problems and make new friends and try new things. We found out what worked and what didn’t, and what we needed to work on. We learned plenty about each other, a great deal about ourselves, and even more about our Lord.

North Carolina was a substantial growing period for both of us.. :)

But now, the tides are turning. We are returning to the Pacific North West to pursue the will of the Lord. My heart is full, knowing I’ll be close to my family again. Even just being in the same time zone as my family would be a blessing! ;)

If we are comparing my life to any body of water, my tides are coming back in after a long few years of being out. I’m returning to a familiar land, and a familiar place, but in a way it’s all going to be new again. There’s not going to be a lack of growth in Washington either. I pray the Lord will be ever teaching me, that I will never grow weary of learning about His goodness and grace, that I will continually bless His Name and sing His praise.

Sometimes it is challenging to think back in our lives and acknowledge different seasons because, really, some of those seasons were painful. But I think if we do dare to actually look back and think on these times, we’ll see how God was faithful to us, and brought us through it for something greater.

We’re excited for life over here, Caleb and I.

I hope you’re excited for yours, too :)

Well Shoot!

Hey all! I hope you are having such a beautiful day! I apologize for not having written like I had hoped.. Maybe you never knew my goals, but I had some lofty ones that I wasn’t quite able to reach :/ The reason being…

My husband and I are moving! 

Yep, it’s true! We’re off and onto a new adventure very soon, and the hustle and bustle is in high gear! We’ve been packing, seeing friends, continuing our church duties, as well as coordinating and cleaning and catching up as much as we can!
With that being said, I’ve put the Etsy shop will be on temporary vacation. This way nobody has to worry :)
I know it’s a short little post, but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop!
Keep an eye out for some posts during our travels – we’re driving across America!

Last Year…

Last year at this time, I was in the beautiful country of Haiti.

In case you didn’t know (or remember), I went on a medical mission trip last year with a group called FAME. We spent a week in Haiti, helping people with simple things, like a fever, daily vitamins, or baby check-ups, to some pretty difficult things, like genital infections, AIDS, and dehydration. I cannot tell you how much I learned on this trip. My husband and I were the least experienced people, but I think we brought a new aspect to the team. If you want to learn more of exactly what we did, you can read that here on my previous blogging platform.

As I am reminded of this time in my life, it makes me want to go all over again. Honestly, I’m not huge into the Halloween holiday – I don’t like being scared, I’m not very good at dressing up, we don’t have children right now so no trick-or-treating, and I’m trying to steer clear of candy – so I would much rather be serving in the greater Kingdom. I remember the gratitude on their faces, the pure joy of being able to see a doctor, getting vitamins… Little things, to us. Big things, to them.

It’s amazing how our country is run by entitlement. We are so ready to receive everything right now, right this second. Whether it is information, treatment, or transportation. We get irritated when we have to (gasp) wait!! Patience is sometimes hard to find… But I have a few things to say about that, which we’ll get to later.

What I want to briefly talk about first is our impatience with treatment, with medicine, with over-the-counter medications.. All these things are right there and we rely so heavily on them that we are polluting our bodies (did you know that these things are causing diseases?!).  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are medicines and treatments  that are sometimes so vital to life, but I’m talking… Headache or stomachache medicine. Allergy pills. Over-the-counter, easy-access items. Things like that.

Did you know that there is a natural medicine on this earth?

They are called essential oils. I believe they are God-given medicines. I believe these essential oils can change the way our world lives.

We have to be patient with our bodies, they are created perfectly because the Creator does not make mistakes.

Just like being patient with our bodies, we also need to be patient with other people.

I am a big people-watcher. I just love it. Though sometimes, I am so surprised at the way some people treat one another. There is a whole lot of downright rudeness going on sometimes… We have to learn to be present. Allow yourself space to breathe a moment. Maybe the situation isn’t great, or maybe there are a lot of outlying factors, but don’t let that be a reason for you to overreact or say something you might be sorry for later.

Have a little grace.

Practice the art of self-control.

Don’t look at your phone 24/7.

Turn off the TV and have a conversation with somebody.

Tell your friends how much they mean to you.

I can guarantee, if you allow the goodness of the Lord to overwhelm your heart, your thoughts, and your words, your life will change dramatically. I’ve seen it.

This November, I challenge you to get a piece of paper, or a notebook, or a few sticky notes… Whatever you can find. So get that paper, and every single day, write down in the morning and evening something you are thankful for.

My husband and I have been doing this off and on for the past two months or so, but we’re going to be dedicated this month. There is so much to be thankful for!

Let gratitude change your heart :)

–ps. If you have questions about essential oils, or patience, gratitude, or anything I talked about in this post, please leave a comment below. You can also find my email in the contact section and send me an email!

Things that say “it’s fall!”

Hi friends! September and October are the months in which autumn comes alive! I decided to compile a little list of things that say “it’s fall-time!” to me! Enjoy!

Cocoa! Nothing beats a piping hot mug of cocoa :) I don’t like coffee much at all, but I do love cocoa, chai, warm tea, all those yummy beverages! -You can find the forest green mug hugger here!

Crochet! I’ve actually been working on this blanket for quite a while, but I’m determined to get it finished before the New Year! Hold me to it, you guys :)
Puzzles! I keep commenting on how my husband and I are basically old people in young people’s bodies.. It’s very true! We like to sit around in the mornings and read, work on puzzles, and sip our hot tea.. Pure bliss!
Slippers! I’m all about those cozy toesies ;)
Hot bags! I actually made this little penguin hot bag just the other day! Isn’t he just adorable?!
hot bag
Leaf garland! Last year, I made this leaf garland to get our house feeling more “fall-y”.. It definitely does the job – I love it!
leaf garland
Sweaters! This sweater is so cozy and has some beautiful colors! It is perfect for being comfy at home, and can also be dressed up if needed!
Crunchy leaves! Seriously, who doesn’t love leaves that crunch when you step on them?
Boots! This footwear is especially nice for cold weather, cozy and fashionable all at once!
Apple crisp! I love love love apple crisp! I didn’t have any made up for this photo shoot, but I love apples too, so it worked out :) Yum yum yum! I will have to post my apple crisp recipe – it is soooooo easy and super yummy!
Also, isn’t my husband a fantastic photographer?! I hope you are enjoying fall! The colors are just beautiful :)