Life Happenings #1

As part of this blog, I thought it would be cool to let you in on parts of my life! I love to take pictures, especially with my iPhone because I usually have that with me. On these “Life Happenings” posts, I will share with you some favorite pictures from the week, as well as anything exciting that happened :) I hope you will enjoy these posts, because I think I will like to write them!
I have been working hard to get my Etsy shop to where I want it to be, which includes lots of picture editing, typing, and time in front of the computer screen. When I am on a “work break”, you might find me outside on a walk or picking some roadside wildflowers. Daisies are absolutely my favorite!! We included them in our wedding flowers because I like them so much!
On Monday night, May 11, my husband and I went to the Outback Steakhouse and yes……….it was delicious! He mentioned it Sunday night that we should go because a NASCAR racer from our area placed in the top 10, and Outback will give you a free Bloomin’ Onion if you mention him! So yeah, we did that :) S U P E R  Y U M
If you haven’t read the book Still Alice, by Lisa Genova…… I really think you should. Caleb and I actually listened to this book in the car from a CD set we got from the library, and we both learned a lot and enjoyed it! If you don’t know what it’s about, there is a woman who is diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, and this talks about her journey with that. Definitely check out your local library to see if they have it, either in book form or CD’s! It is also made into a movie, which we rented from RedBox and watched! Obviously when the book is written first and then it is worked into a movie, parts will be left out, but overall they did a wonderful job recreating this book! Highly recommend!!
Every Friday, my husband and I try to jog a 5k… We call it our 5k Friday! Today, though, we walked, because my allergies have been making me miserable and less able to breathe easily. Oh well, hopefully next week we can get back in the groove!
Well, that is it for now… See you next week!

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