Life Happenings #3

Wellllllllll. This week has absolutely felt crazy, but I can’t quite place why. Weird. Here are the recent Life Happenings!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of quite a few things.. Here are among the unpicture-ables:  (sorry!! I will try to do better this coming week! It’s just been a real emotion-packed, crazy week)

We went to support a friend at a coffee shop as he and his band played some awesome music.
On Saturday, we went to our first Farmer’s Market of the year! Unfortunately we went a little late and missed out on most of the fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers, which is what I was so excited for! Oh well, hopefully next time we go we will remember to wake up and get going earlier! We also hit a few garage/yard sales on the way home….most of them were kind of disappointing, but we did end up with a pair of sandals (for me) and a neat little mason jar and a random CD for Caleb… Sometimes I wonder why he chooses certain things! haha

Monday was Memorial Day, and Caleb didn’t have to work! Yay! We got brunch with some good friends (super yum, you guys) and then dorked around for a while, played frisbee, and then went to see the new Pitch Perfect 2! We all thoroughly enjoyed it :) Mostly, I just like it for all the cool music! We cooked burgers for dinner and made this yummy watermelon drink ((LINK here for 2 watermelon drinks))! Very tasty :)

For the last few months, I have been getting shots for my allergies, to help tame them and whatnot. Tuesday I had an appointment and I got so much medicine that I was pretty much out all day. They instructed me to take some Benadryl, which knocks me out, and to not do any strenuous exercise……sometimes this is the hardest for me to follow because I just want to get out and run or walk or do something! But because of that I missed a VBS meeting, but by Wednesday I was feeling much better.

On Wednesday, we went to a Lost and Found concert! This is a band that has been a favorite of mine and my family for years! We grew up with their music, and now we’re old enough to appreciate it! The other day my dad mentioned that they can kind of be an acquired taste haha
We have been taking care of some dogs, and yesterday I spent the morning with them. They were so sweet and just wanted to cuddle :) my favorite!!
Aaaaaaaaaaand that brings us to today! We did our weekly 5k Friday, but biked it this week! It definitely showed because some of those hills were HARD! When you are driving, hills really don’t seem that bad, but on the bike or running it takes a whole new feel!

Tomorrow we are doing a 30-hour famine with our youth group and I will tell you more about that in next week’s Life Happenings. The famine is, essentially, not eating for 30ish hours and helping our youth group students realize what other kids – their age and younger, well and adults too! – have to deal with on a daily basis. Bringing them into an awareness about how blessed we are and how much we have to give to others! I am hoping we have a good group and that they will truly learn from this experience!

See you next week :)

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