Life Happenings #4

Hello to you! I hope you have had a great week! Mine has been F U L L of good things :)

I left off last week, and told you that we were having our 30 Hour Famine with our youth group from Saturday to Sunday, and it went really well. We stayed busy for pretty much the entire day, which helped everyone keep their mind off of not eating. I think the students grasped some of the lessons we tried to teach them about the importance of education and other things that we take for granted. We split up boys and girls for sleeping arrangements, and each made little cardboard houses! Here is what ours looked like, it was awesome!


On Sunday, we were able to eat again, and although everything looked tasty, I did my best to keep portion control. Sometimes it isn’t the easiest thing to do!

Our garden is sure growing! I am getting excited for when we are able to eat the veggies we have been working on! I also planted some herbs in small pots, and painted on them.. They don’t look the best, but it will be nice to have some fresh herbs, too!

Oh, and here is the sunset from the other day – stunning!


I moved my small group to Tuesday because Caleb and I will be in Indiana for a wedding on the typical small group day (Tuesday). His sister is getting married on Saturday! We are so excited for her, and her soon-to-be husband! Anyway, I generally try to make or bring a little snack for my girls, and this week I made some tasty donut hole muffin bites……I’m not sure what to call them! I’m open to suggestions! I am still working on the recipe, but then I can share it with you!

IMG_9099I made them with this cute little cake pop maker that I got for my birthday from my grandparents a few years back. Honestly, I had barely used it up until the past year or so, but you can really make so many things!!

IMG_9100Wednesday was a day of travel. We made our way up to Indiana, to begin the celebration for my husband’s sister’s wedding! Her wedding is tomorrow (Saturday), so we are excited to be there early to help get everything in order and to be with family for the weekend :) We didn’t take as many pictures of the drive, but here is a picture of the pretty sunset and clouds!

image-3Today is the big setting up and rehearsal day for the wedding! It is currently about 8:15am, and we are about ready to go! Just a few more things to load up and then we will be on our way!

Once we got there, here are a few setting-up pictures:





I hope you have all enjoyed your week as much as I enjoyed mine! Have a great second week of June and I’ll talk to you then! :)


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