Three Reasons Goals are Important

If you ever visit my house, you’ll notice lots and lots of journals, papers, and lists everywhere… Why? Because I really love lists. Lists keep me on track and I love writing things down. I feel that goal setting is super important because it personally helps me stay on track. When I don’t have any goals – be it for the year, month, week, or day – I feel aimless and wonder where my purpose comes from. But if I create a goal to, say, write four blog posts in a month, then I have something to work towards and something to focus on.

In light of that, I wanted to share three reasons goals are important! In no particular order, here are my TOP 3 reasons YOU need to set goals!

1. Goals help you prioritize and dream big

I find the times where I don’t know where my life is going often correspond to the times where I don’t have a set goal. Keep in mind that what you find important and what I find important might not be the same, or important in the same ways. The reason I wanted to point this out is because we are all wired differently! Knowing what your priorities are, without comparing them to someone else’s priorities, will help you dream big and stay focused.

2. Goals will keep you focused

Like I mentioned earlier, there have been times in my life that I felt aimless and I strongly believe those feelings were attached to my lack of goals. Now that I have some clear goals in mind, for myself, my marriage, my Spiritual life, I can focus on the areas that will help me grow instead of wasting time. When you are focused on your goal, you have a clear objective which gives you something to work towards.

3. Goals give you something to work towards

As you start to set some goals, you may realize there are specific “pit stops” you will need to make in order to get there! This is a great place to start! Writing down these “pit stops” will help your goal feel more attainable, plus checking something off a list, or crossing off a completed task, feels SO so good and is super motivating to keep going!

Yes, these three reasons all slightly bleed together, but they are also distinct which is why I included them!

So, what do you think? Is goal setting something you do very often? Are you a list-maker, like me? Do you have any big goals you are working towards?


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