The Gift of Blessing Others

Recently at our church, the speaker talked about the Parable of the Good Samaritan. If you are curious about this story, you can find it in Luke 10:25-37. The speaker mentioned that when the Samaritan brought the wounded man to the inn, he gave some extra money to take care of the man, but also said he would pay for any extra expenses. The Samaritan knew that he couldn’t do everything right then and there.

That was one of the main points of his sermon that morning. The fact is, we can’t do everything, but we can do something. Even if it’s a little something, it is still important! At the end of his talk, he prayed that we would all be shown a way we could help another person this week, and, surprisingly, mine came the very next day. I’d like to share this experience with you, because it opened my eyes.

On Monday, I was at the grocery store and was grabbing a few of the things I would need this week. Then, when I was headed toward the checkout, an older lady came up to me and started talking to me.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I don’t mean no disrespect, but are you paying for your groceries with cash?”

“I’m sorry?” (I was very perplexed, it felt like a strange question especially in the middle of the grocery store.)

“Are you paying for your groceries with cash?”

“Um, yes I am. Why? Can I help you?” (Still, very confused.

“Can I please pay for your groceries?” the woman asked.

She proceeded to tell me that she needed cash to pay for her phone bill, which was a few days overdue, but didn’t have any cash. She offered to pay for my groceries with her food stamps, so that I could give her money to help with her phone bill.

Honestly, it was one of the weirdest interactions with another person that I think I have ever had.

During this time, the man’s prayer from the previous morning swirled in my mind – “Lord, show us someone we can help”.

“Can I please pay for your groceries?”

I said yes.

This woman, who needed to pay her phone bill, paid for my groceries. And I, nobody seemingly significant, helped her with her phone bill by letting her pay for my groceries. Of course, I gave her cash once we were outside, which felt like a strange thing to do, but then…… Then it hit me that this woman decided on an act of bravery to ask me for this simple favor.

A simple and slightly strange favor.

I didn’t understand fully at first, but that’s the thing…

We aren’t always going to understand how the things we do affect others

We aren’t always going to understand how we’re helping

We aren’t always going to understand God’s design in our life

But… that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do.

Allow yourself to be attentive to the needs of others this week. Have affection on them. And then do something about it. Even if it feels small, or silly, or insignificant. It might be those things to you, but it might be huge, the perfect thing, and extremely significant for that other person. Take action and bless someone.


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