What I’ve Been Crafting Lately…

Hello friends! The past month or so I have started quite a few projects – some are completed, some are almost there, and some… Well, not so much. Even so, I decided to share some of my crafting adventures with you today!

Quite a few months ago, I decided that I have too many t-shirts. Honestly, I probably still have too many t-shirts. But with that revelation came the inspiration to create a t-shirt quilt! I work on it here and there, but I finally decided to purchase a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler set to help me keep everything straight. Here’s a picture of the shirts I have so far, which is about 30 designs.


About a week and a half ago, I was working in the bathroom and really yearned for some shelving… Thankfully, our neighbors have lots of unclaimed wood that they let us use for different little projects. Caleb has actually been doing the bulk of the work on this project, but it was my idea! ;)


I’ve recently gotten interested in Essential Oils and wanted a better way to store them than having the bottles scattered all over the house. So I sewed these little pockets that hold four bottles of oils and fit really snugly in this pouch! I’m loving having them all in one spot, plus it helps me work on my sewing skills. -if you want to know more about essential oils, leave a comment below, or contact me for more information-



Another project I actually have completed is this pillow cover! Caleb had some pillows on the couch in his office that he wasn’t in love with, so I decided to make a project out of it! It is an envelope cover and was extremely easy to make! I know he doesn’t really like the fabric I chose, but I mostly only have flowery stuff!! I guess I’ll have to hit up the craft store, not that I’m complaining ;)




Lastly, I have been missing playing piano, so I got out one of my piano books (this one happens to be songs from Disney movies!)



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