3 things to do when your garden overproduces!

1. Share

First thing’s first, I recommend to always always always share with your friends and family! They will a) be super impressed with your gardening skills and b) love having that fresh produce! This past week my husband posted on FaceBook that we had an abundance of okra, and a few people commented that they wanted some. It’s so nice to share with friends, and to bless others with fresh food when we have too much!

2. Can

This is something that I recently learned how to do! It’s very simple (if you follow directions well) and is a great skill to learn! This summer, I have canned cucumbers into pickles, salsa, and grape jelly! All of which are delicious and we will have lots for the coming months!

3. Freeze

I decided to freeze some corn, green beans, and okra this year because I wasn’t sure how to can them – plus I had heard green beans are a little bit more time consuming and particular in process. Due to a suggestion from a friend, we put our veggies in pint-sized freezer baggies, because we would never use a whole gallon of any of those things in one recipe!


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