Just Where Have I Been?

If we all imagine being 17 again, recently licensed to drive, high school days, and friends.. It’s like I am that student, who was out with her friends late at night, and now I’m finally home and my mother wants to know “just where have you been?!”

Well, honestly, I totally could have kept up on posting. But I didn’t. And I guess I needed it. Somehow or another, I needed the break, but I am back and I have a plan.

The beginning of a new month, and a new week always brings out a sense of pride. What I mean by this is that I want to be proud of what I have accomplished in that time period (week, month, year, etc), so I start out by setting goals (if you haven’t already read my post on goal setting you can read that here).

I am so excited for the month of October! There are so many wonderful things going on, and there are many possibilities and opportunities in which to grow!

What about you? Do you set goals at the beginning of the month?


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