5 Ways to Rock Your Mornings!

In no particular order, these are five things I have noticed help me to have a great morning, which translates into having a great day!

1. Exercise
This is very important! The earlier you get your body moving, the easier it will be to tackle things head on for the rest of the day. This looks different for me every morning, and I notice a big difference when I don’t do anything at all… Here are some examples of what I like to do for exercise in the morning: walk, HIIT workout, run, yoga, or going for a bike ride

2. Eat a substantial, healthy breakfast
I know that many people don’t eat breakfast because either they don’t feel hungry, or they are so rushed that they don’t have time. People… MAKE TIME FOR BREAKFAST! This is the very first meal after you’ve been fasting for the night. Seriously, you need to fuel your body with good things! For me, I really like to have oatmeal, smoothie, egg scramble, and recently I’ve started making a healthy type of egg McMuffin (I call them “M’huffins”: english muffin, egg, 2 pieces of lunch meat, cream cheese on one half, and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese).. So tasty!

3. Spend some time by yourself
Since I work from home, much of my day is spent by myself, but I have found that I am more productive throughout the day if I spend a small amount of time journalling, reading my Bible, and praying. The days when I do not allow this time, I see a significant difference in my attitude towards others and life in general, so I want to make sure that I am consistent with how I spend my time. Reading my Bible helps me stay focused on the Lord, journalling helps me internalize what I just read, and praying helps me to have more conversations with Jesus (which I know I need all day, every day).

4. Start off with gratitude
An attitude of gratitude can really change your whole day around. Honestly, it could change your life. Make thankfulness something you adhere to every day of the year, not just on the fourth Thursday in November. Soon, others may start to notice this change in you, want to know what’s up, and then take it on for themselves! How cool would that be? So do it. Start your day with a few things you are thankful for and see how it might change you.

5. Give yourself enough time to wake up
This is simple, yet hard to do sometimes. A bad habit that I get into sometimes is letting myself keep hitting that snooze button!! It’s bad news guys, but we have to stop. In order to actually do all these things that I mention, you will maybe have to set your alarm even earlier than usual – but I promise it is worth it! By waking up earlier (and not hitting the snooze), you won’t have to feel so rushed. You can get ready in your normal time, do your hair, fix your makeup, try on an outfit or two, and still have enough time to relax.

I know, some of you may have to wake up much earlier than I do, but I firmly believe that these five things will drastically improve your mornings! Why? Because I try to implement these each day, and I love every single morning :)


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