Things that say “it’s fall!”

Hi friends! September and October are the months in which autumn comes alive! I decided to compile a little list of things that say “it’s fall-time!” to me! Enjoy!

Cocoa! Nothing beats a piping hot mug of cocoa :) I don’t like coffee much at all, but I do love cocoa, chai, warm tea, all those yummy beverages! -You can find the forest green mug hugger here!

Crochet! I’ve actually been working on this blanket for quite a while, but I’m determined to get it finished before the New Year! Hold me to it, you guys :)
Puzzles! I keep commenting on how my husband and I are basically old people in young people’s bodies.. It’s very true! We like to sit around in the mornings and read, work on puzzles, and sip our hot tea.. Pure bliss!
Slippers! I’m all about those cozy toesies ;)
Hot bags! I actually made this little penguin hot bag just the other day! Isn’t he just adorable?!
hot bag
Leaf garland! Last year, I made this leaf garland to get our house feeling more “fall-y”.. It definitely does the job – I love it!
leaf garland
Sweaters! This sweater is so cozy and has some beautiful colors! It is perfect for being comfy at home, and can also be dressed up if needed!
Crunchy leaves! Seriously, who doesn’t love leaves that crunch when you step on them?
Boots! This footwear is especially nice for cold weather, cozy and fashionable all at once!
Apple crisp! I love love love apple crisp! I didn’t have any made up for this photo shoot, but I love apples too, so it worked out :) Yum yum yum! I will have to post my apple crisp recipe – it is soooooo easy and super yummy!
Also, isn’t my husband a fantastic photographer?! I hope you are enjoying fall! The colors are just beautiful :)

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