Last Year…

Last year at this time, I was in the beautiful country of Haiti.

In case you didn’t know (or remember), I went on a medical mission trip last year with a group called FAME. We spent a week in Haiti, helping people with simple things, like a fever, daily vitamins, or baby check-ups, to some pretty difficult things, like genital infections, AIDS, and dehydration. I cannot tell you how much I learned on this trip. My husband and I were the least experienced people, but I think we brought a new aspect to the team. If you want to learn more of exactly what we did, you can read that here on my previous blogging platform.

As I am reminded of this time in my life, it makes me want to go all over again. Honestly, I’m not huge into the Halloween holiday – I don’t like being scared, I’m not very good at dressing up, we don’t have children right now so no trick-or-treating, and I’m trying to steer clear of candy – so I would much rather be serving in the greater Kingdom. I remember the gratitude on their faces, the pure joy of being able to see a doctor, getting vitamins… Little things, to us. Big things, to them.

It’s amazing how our country is run by entitlement. We are so ready to receive everything right now, right this second. Whether it is information, treatment, or transportation. We get irritated when we have to (gasp) wait!! Patience is sometimes hard to find… But I have a few things to say about that, which we’ll get to later.

What I want to briefly talk about first is our impatience with treatment, with medicine, with over-the-counter medications.. All these things are right there and we rely so heavily on them that we are polluting our bodies (did you know that these things are causing diseases?!).  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are medicines and treatments  that are sometimes so vital to life, but I’m talking… Headache or stomachache medicine. Allergy pills. Over-the-counter, easy-access items. Things like that.

Did you know that there is a natural medicine on this earth?

They are called essential oils. I believe they are God-given medicines. I believe these essential oils can change the way our world lives.

We have to be patient with our bodies, they are created perfectly because the Creator does not make mistakes.

Just like being patient with our bodies, we also need to be patient with other people.

I am a big people-watcher. I just love it. Though sometimes, I am so surprised at the way some people treat one another. There is a whole lot of downright rudeness going on sometimes… We have to learn to be present. Allow yourself space to breathe a moment. Maybe the situation isn’t great, or maybe there are a lot of outlying factors, but don’t let that be a reason for you to overreact or say something you might be sorry for later.

Have a little grace.

Practice the art of self-control.

Don’t look at your phone 24/7.

Turn off the TV and have a conversation with somebody.

Tell your friends how much they mean to you.

I can guarantee, if you allow the goodness of the Lord to overwhelm your heart, your thoughts, and your words, your life will change dramatically. I’ve seen it.

This November, I challenge you to get a piece of paper, or a notebook, or a few sticky notes… Whatever you can find. So get that paper, and every single day, write down in the morning and evening something you are thankful for.

My husband and I have been doing this off and on for the past two months or so, but we’re going to be dedicated this month. There is so much to be thankful for!

Let gratitude change your heart :)

–ps. If you have questions about essential oils, or patience, gratitude, or anything I talked about in this post, please leave a comment below. You can also find my email in the contact section and send me an email!


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