Tides and Seasons

As we got stuck in the middle of Kentucky, I realized that “this is it”.

This is the trip that I’ve been longing for, dreaming about, and waiting on.

Honestly, when my husband and I got married (and I moved out to North Carolina), I didn’t realize how difficult it would be for me. Sure, I had lived far away from my family before, but there was always an end time, there was always something to look forward to for when I would be home with them again. With this season in our lives, it was much different.

During this season of “away”, I truly believe my husband and I were able to solidify our relationship and learn to lean on each other and rely on our Father. We were able to work through problems and make new friends and try new things. We found out what worked and what didn’t, and what we needed to work on. We learned plenty about each other, a great deal about ourselves, and even more about our Lord.

North Carolina was a substantial growing period for both of us.. :)

But now, the tides are turning. We are returning to the Pacific North West to pursue the will of the Lord. My heart is full, knowing I’ll be close to my family again. Even just being in the same time zone as my family would be a blessing! ;)

If we are comparing my life to any body of water, my tides are coming back in after a long few years of being out. I’m returning to a familiar land, and a familiar place, but in a way it’s all going to be new again. There’s not going to be a lack of growth in Washington either. I pray the Lord will be ever teaching me, that I will never grow weary of learning about His goodness and grace, that I will continually bless His Name and sing His praise.

Sometimes it is challenging to think back in our lives and acknowledge different seasons because, really, some of those seasons were painful. But I think if we do dare to actually look back and think on these times, we’ll see how God was faithful to us, and brought us through it for something greater.

We’re excited for life over here, Caleb and I.

I hope you’re excited for yours, too :)


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