5 Simple Ways to Combat Sickness!

The other day I woke up with awful respiratory congestion and sinus pressure. Naturally, all I wanted to do was lounge around, doing nothing, watching Netflix all day. But I knew I had to be a little proactive if I wanted to beat this thing — and quick! I’ve been loving my Young Living Essential Oils, and if you follow me on Instagram or see me on FaceBook at all, you may have seen one of my ways to combat this cold, but I have a few more “tricks” I’d like to share with you! Everyone falls subject to coming down with a cold once in a while, but now you can be equipped and empowered to combat it and get yourself back to full health quickly (and without a bunch of medicines and cough syrups with crazy and unknown ingredients) !


#1: Diffuser combo

Rosemary (5), eucalyptus radiata (4), peppermint (4), cypress (3), lemon (2)

The reason I chose this combo was because A) I found it in my handy Essential Oils Pocket Reference (you can find it on Amazon!) and because b)some of the oils I knew were very cleansing and antibacterial. In other words, perfect to help someone recover from any sickness! (Side note: I didn’t have eucalyptus radiata, but I did have eucalyptus globulus which I used instead) The number in parentheses is how many drops to use in your diffuser!


#2: Hot tea infused with oils

Lemon, peppermint, thieves

First of all, I think this tea tastes really amazing. Secondly, it is so good for supporting a healthy system! Just overall, this blend of essential oils is great for keeping us well. You can use one drop of each, just be careful.. They are strong! When I made this, my family said they could smell it all the way across the room and from the kitchen!


#3: Thieves cough drops

Use ‘em! Enough said. Not only are they infused with the amazing power of Thieves essential oil, they also taste amazing and are super soothing on a sore throat.


#4: Another diffuser combo

Purification & R.C.

This is a blend I like to use when I feel something coming on. R.C. is an amazing oil for anything relating to respiratory issues, and purification smells lovely, as well as helps get all the gunk out of the air that we can’t see (aka: germs). For this recipe, I just do however many drops I feel like, but usually about even between the two. Maybe 3-5 drops each, but it’s totally up to your personal preference!!


#5: Get hugs from people you love

Just make sure they are all Thieves’d up too!! ;) You don’t want them getting sick from you! On a very real note, let yourself rest up so your body can work on what it needs to, to get you back to fully healthy and happy!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you use essential oils when you get sick?

Until next time,



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