5 Ways to Rock Your Mornings!

In no particular order, these are five things I have noticed help me to have a great morning, which translates into having a great day!

1. Exercise
This is very important! The earlier you get your body moving, the easier it will be to tackle things head on for the rest of the day. This looks different for me every morning, and I notice a big difference when I don’t do anything at all… Here are some examples of what I like to do for exercise in the morning: walk, HIIT workout, run, yoga, or going for a bike ride

2. Eat a substantial, healthy breakfast
I know that many people don’t eat breakfast because either they don’t feel hungry, or they are so rushed that they don’t have time. People… MAKE TIME FOR BREAKFAST! This is the very first meal after you’ve been fasting for the night. Seriously, you need to fuel your body with good things! For me, I really like to have oatmeal, smoothie, egg scramble, and recently I’ve started making a healthy type of egg McMuffin (I call them “M’huffins”: english muffin, egg, 2 pieces of lunch meat, cream cheese on one half, and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese).. So tasty!

3. Spend some time by yourself
Since I work from home, much of my day is spent by myself, but I have found that I am more productive throughout the day if I spend a small amount of time journalling, reading my Bible, and praying. The days when I do not allow this time, I see a significant difference in my attitude towards others and life in general, so I want to make sure that I am consistent with how I spend my time. Reading my Bible helps me stay focused on the Lord, journalling helps me internalize what I just read, and praying helps me to have more conversations with Jesus (which I know I need all day, every day).

4. Start off with gratitude
An attitude of gratitude can really change your whole day around. Honestly, it could change your life. Make thankfulness something you adhere to every day of the year, not just on the fourth Thursday in November. Soon, others may start to notice this change in you, want to know what’s up, and then take it on for themselves! How cool would that be? So do it. Start your day with a few things you are thankful for and see how it might change you.

5. Give yourself enough time to wake up
This is simple, yet hard to do sometimes. A bad habit that I get into sometimes is letting myself keep hitting that snooze button!! It’s bad news guys, but we have to stop. In order to actually do all these things that I mention, you will maybe have to set your alarm even earlier than usual – but I promise it is worth it! By waking up earlier (and not hitting the snooze), you won’t have to feel so rushed. You can get ready in your normal time, do your hair, fix your makeup, try on an outfit or two, and still have enough time to relax.

I know, some of you may have to wake up much earlier than I do, but I firmly believe that these five things will drastically improve your mornings! Why? Because I try to implement these each day, and I love every single morning :)


Just Where Have I Been?

If we all imagine being 17 again, recently licensed to drive, high school days, and friends.. It’s like I am that student, who was out with her friends late at night, and now I’m finally home and my mother wants to know “just where have you been?!”

Well, honestly, I totally could have kept up on posting. But I didn’t. And I guess I needed it. Somehow or another, I needed the break, but I am back and I have a plan.

The beginning of a new month, and a new week always brings out a sense of pride. What I mean by this is that I want to be proud of what I have accomplished in that time period (week, month, year, etc), so I start out by setting goals (if you haven’t already read my post on goal setting you can read that here).

I am so excited for the month of October! There are so many wonderful things going on, and there are many possibilities and opportunities in which to grow!

What about you? Do you set goals at the beginning of the month?

3 things to do when your garden overproduces!

1. Share

First thing’s first, I recommend to always always always share with your friends and family! They will a) be super impressed with your gardening skills and b) love having that fresh produce! This past week my husband posted on FaceBook that we had an abundance of okra, and a few people commented that they wanted some. It’s so nice to share with friends, and to bless others with fresh food when we have too much!

2. Can

This is something that I recently learned how to do! It’s very simple (if you follow directions well) and is a great skill to learn! This summer, I have canned cucumbers into pickles, salsa, and grape jelly! All of which are delicious and we will have lots for the coming months!

3. Freeze

I decided to freeze some corn, green beans, and okra this year because I wasn’t sure how to can them – plus I had heard green beans are a little bit more time consuming and particular in process. Due to a suggestion from a friend, we put our veggies in pint-sized freezer baggies, because we would never use a whole gallon of any of those things in one recipe!

What I’ve Been Crafting Lately…

Hello friends! The past month or so I have started quite a few projects – some are completed, some are almost there, and some… Well, not so much. Even so, I decided to share some of my crafting adventures with you today!

Quite a few months ago, I decided that I have too many t-shirts. Honestly, I probably still have too many t-shirts. But with that revelation came the inspiration to create a t-shirt quilt! I work on it here and there, but I finally decided to purchase a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler set to help me keep everything straight. Here’s a picture of the shirts I have so far, which is about 30 designs.


About a week and a half ago, I was working in the bathroom and really yearned for some shelving… Thankfully, our neighbors have lots of unclaimed wood that they let us use for different little projects. Caleb has actually been doing the bulk of the work on this project, but it was my idea! ;)


I’ve recently gotten interested in Essential Oils and wanted a better way to store them than having the bottles scattered all over the house. So I sewed these little pockets that hold four bottles of oils and fit really snugly in this pouch! I’m loving having them all in one spot, plus it helps me work on my sewing skills. -if you want to know more about essential oils, leave a comment below, or contact me for more information-



Another project I actually have completed is this pillow cover! Caleb had some pillows on the couch in his office that he wasn’t in love with, so I decided to make a project out of it! It is an envelope cover and was extremely easy to make! I know he doesn’t really like the fabric I chose, but I mostly only have flowery stuff!! I guess I’ll have to hit up the craft store, not that I’m complaining ;)




Lastly, I have been missing playing piano, so I got out one of my piano books (this one happens to be songs from Disney movies!)


The Gift of Blessing Others

Recently at our church, the speaker talked about the Parable of the Good Samaritan. If you are curious about this story, you can find it in Luke 10:25-37. The speaker mentioned that when the Samaritan brought the wounded man to the inn, he gave some extra money to take care of the man, but also said he would pay for any extra expenses. The Samaritan knew that he couldn’t do everything right then and there.

That was one of the main points of his sermon that morning. The fact is, we can’t do everything, but we can do something. Even if it’s a little something, it is still important! At the end of his talk, he prayed that we would all be shown a way we could help another person this week, and, surprisingly, mine came the very next day. I’d like to share this experience with you, because it opened my eyes.

On Monday, I was at the grocery store and was grabbing a few of the things I would need this week. Then, when I was headed toward the checkout, an older lady came up to me and started talking to me.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I don’t mean no disrespect, but are you paying for your groceries with cash?”

“I’m sorry?” (I was very perplexed, it felt like a strange question especially in the middle of the grocery store.)

“Are you paying for your groceries with cash?”

“Um, yes I am. Why? Can I help you?” (Still, very confused.

“Can I please pay for your groceries?” the woman asked.

She proceeded to tell me that she needed cash to pay for her phone bill, which was a few days overdue, but didn’t have any cash. She offered to pay for my groceries with her food stamps, so that I could give her money to help with her phone bill.

Honestly, it was one of the weirdest interactions with another person that I think I have ever had.

During this time, the man’s prayer from the previous morning swirled in my mind – “Lord, show us someone we can help”.

“Can I please pay for your groceries?”

I said yes.

This woman, who needed to pay her phone bill, paid for my groceries. And I, nobody seemingly significant, helped her with her phone bill by letting her pay for my groceries. Of course, I gave her cash once we were outside, which felt like a strange thing to do, but then…… Then it hit me that this woman decided on an act of bravery to ask me for this simple favor.

A simple and slightly strange favor.

I didn’t understand fully at first, but that’s the thing…

We aren’t always going to understand how the things we do affect others

We aren’t always going to understand how we’re helping

We aren’t always going to understand God’s design in our life

But… that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do.

Allow yourself to be attentive to the needs of others this week. Have affection on them. And then do something about it. Even if it feels small, or silly, or insignificant. It might be those things to you, but it might be huge, the perfect thing, and extremely significant for that other person. Take action and bless someone.

Three Reasons Goals are Important

If you ever visit my house, you’ll notice lots and lots of journals, papers, and lists everywhere… Why? Because I really love lists. Lists keep me on track and I love writing things down. I feel that goal setting is super important because it personally helps me stay on track. When I don’t have any goals – be it for the year, month, week, or day – I feel aimless and wonder where my purpose comes from. But if I create a goal to, say, write four blog posts in a month, then I have something to work towards and something to focus on.

In light of that, I wanted to share three reasons goals are important! In no particular order, here are my TOP 3 reasons YOU need to set goals!

1. Goals help you prioritize and dream big

I find the times where I don’t know where my life is going often correspond to the times where I don’t have a set goal. Keep in mind that what you find important and what I find important might not be the same, or important in the same ways. The reason I wanted to point this out is because we are all wired differently! Knowing what your priorities are, without comparing them to someone else’s priorities, will help you dream big and stay focused.

2. Goals will keep you focused

Like I mentioned earlier, there have been times in my life that I felt aimless and I strongly believe those feelings were attached to my lack of goals. Now that I have some clear goals in mind, for myself, my marriage, my Spiritual life, I can focus on the areas that will help me grow instead of wasting time. When you are focused on your goal, you have a clear objective which gives you something to work towards.

3. Goals give you something to work towards

As you start to set some goals, you may realize there are specific “pit stops” you will need to make in order to get there! This is a great place to start! Writing down these “pit stops” will help your goal feel more attainable, plus checking something off a list, or crossing off a completed task, feels SO so good and is super motivating to keep going!

Yes, these three reasons all slightly bleed together, but they are also distinct which is why I included them!

So, what do you think? Is goal setting something you do very often? Are you a list-maker, like me? Do you have any big goals you are working towards?

~ u p d a t e ~

I am hoping to update this blog a little more frequently with things that I enjoy, and hopefully things that can help you out too! This might include crafting endeavors, tasty recipes, simple organization and cleaning, favorite fitness routines or tips, or just life in general! I have so many different interests, and I know that we are all diverse in our hobbies. This is one of the reasons why I want to share more “real life” on this blog, and also because I know I love to write!
So, happy Monday, and be on the lookout for a new post this week!

New Items!

Hello there! I hope life is treating you wonderfully :)
I know I have not posted nearly as much as I had hoped, and hopefully that didn’t let you down. But I wanted to let you know about something very exciting that has to do with my Etsy shop! Please go check it out here!!
I have been working hard at finding just the right pattern for a dishcloth, and I think I have settled on one! –This is not to say that it might change in the future or to have other patterns available, but I have one that I am quite comfortable with…as long as you give me yarn ;)
Here’s a few pictures of the finished pieces:
summer ombre5
And don’t forget, we still have Mug Huggers and beaded bracelets available, too!
Happy Wednesday, my friends!!

Life Happenings #5

So much has happened in the past week, and it is time to share some of the highlights :)

Like I had said, on Friday we were in Indiana and it was rehearsal day. It all went very smoothly and so that was a relief! The wedding was absolutely beautiful on Saturday and I am so glad that my husband and I were able to be there and to take a part in the ceremony. His sister and now husband picked a song for us to play while they participated in their first communion as a married couple..it was beautiful :)



We drove back on Sunday, and ended up getting home sort of late because we stopped and saw some people that Caleb is close to. It was so nice to get home and sleep in our bed!!

For me, Monday was another big day of travel! I boarded an airplane at 4:30pm (ish), flew to New York, then rushed to another concourse, waited a bit, boarded the next plane and sat on the runway for a while. Seriously, I’m talking like an hour or more……but THEN I was on my way to Seattle, WA to see my beloved family!!



It has been so nice to be home, and it has been wonderful to rest here and to visit my grandparents :) hopefully I’ll be seeing my older brother and his wife soon too!

On Wednesday, my parents, our photographer friend, and I met up with my younger brother to take some pre-graduation pictures. He is graduating from the University of Washington tomorrow!! Woohoo :)


Today is Friday, and I got in my 5k this morning.


I made sure to get up early enough to squeeze it in before a shower and then we headed out to visit with my mom’s parents :) it is so hard to be so far away from my family a lot of times.. After that, mom and I headed home and I got a Slurpee which was delicious!!


We met up with my dad at Mod Pizza for an early dinner. Let me just tell you……..MOD IS SO GOOD. My pizza had red sauce, fresh basil, cheese, red onions, tomatoes, roasted asparagus, olives, and parm. Ugh, yum.


I’m looking forward to the rest of this little vacation and seeing a few other close friends :) Happy Friday!!

Life Happenings #4

Hello to you! I hope you have had a great week! Mine has been F U L L of good things :)

I left off last week, and told you that we were having our 30 Hour Famine with our youth group from Saturday to Sunday, and it went really well. We stayed busy for pretty much the entire day, which helped everyone keep their mind off of not eating. I think the students grasped some of the lessons we tried to teach them about the importance of education and other things that we take for granted. We split up boys and girls for sleeping arrangements, and each made little cardboard houses! Here is what ours looked like, it was awesome!


On Sunday, we were able to eat again, and although everything looked tasty, I did my best to keep portion control. Sometimes it isn’t the easiest thing to do!

Our garden is sure growing! I am getting excited for when we are able to eat the veggies we have been working on! I also planted some herbs in small pots, and painted on them.. They don’t look the best, but it will be nice to have some fresh herbs, too!

Oh, and here is the sunset from the other day – stunning!


I moved my small group to Tuesday because Caleb and I will be in Indiana for a wedding on the typical small group day (Tuesday). His sister is getting married on Saturday! We are so excited for her, and her soon-to-be husband! Anyway, I generally try to make or bring a little snack for my girls, and this week I made some tasty donut hole muffin bites……I’m not sure what to call them! I’m open to suggestions! I am still working on the recipe, but then I can share it with you!

IMG_9099I made them with this cute little cake pop maker that I got for my birthday from my grandparents a few years back. Honestly, I had barely used it up until the past year or so, but you can really make so many things!!

IMG_9100Wednesday was a day of travel. We made our way up to Indiana, to begin the celebration for my husband’s sister’s wedding! Her wedding is tomorrow (Saturday), so we are excited to be there early to help get everything in order and to be with family for the weekend :) We didn’t take as many pictures of the drive, but here is a picture of the pretty sunset and clouds!

image-3Today is the big setting up and rehearsal day for the wedding! It is currently about 8:15am, and we are about ready to go! Just a few more things to load up and then we will be on our way!

Once we got there, here are a few setting-up pictures:





I hope you have all enjoyed your week as much as I enjoyed mine! Have a great second week of June and I’ll talk to you then! :)